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Thursday, August 24, 2017

South Side Art Market

September 20 2017

Big day today. Big sleep tonight.
Faces, friends, hot shoppers, lots of artists showing wares.
South Side Art Market really draws a crowd. 
And fun.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Update on Bondi Beach one man 
Bird-and-Orchid art exhibition

The March newsletter went out today with updates on the Bondi exhibition. Here's the link http://bit.ly/1M6wVbm if you are not already receiving GRAPHICs ON-LINE on a regular monthly basis. There is a subscription button if you so wish to join in. Best MaX

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Visited the EKKA today

Everything moves and nothing changes.

The Royal Queensland Show is Queensland's largest event. The country comes to town to show livestock and produce. Show ring events prevail but the dog shows, cake making sideshow alleys, and junk food stalls are all part of the play. Strawberries and cream everywhere this year and the old Dagwood Dog now costs a whopping six Aussie dollars. Original buildings being torn down and repaired, school bands blasting off everywhere and the big People's Day ring events still to come. Could not find the flower pavilion so unable to check out the orchids. Drat! And sunburned head. Forgot the hat. The show goes on!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mind travel

Today is my 77th birthday and for weeks I have been wondering how to celebrate it in true Capricorn style. A few days ago, I started this illustration.

The 8.5 tonne rock was a birthday gift to myself back in 2006. A watery cascade reticulated through and over the rock that sat in a small pond – display centrepiece in the orchid igloo. Perfect setting for Dendrobium – my favourite orchid family.

Here, Dendrobium fimbriatum sits foreground, Dendrobium Gatton Sunray lower rock, and Debdrobium chrysotoxum top of rock.

A backdrop of palm frees and a bamboo overhang, supporting various Hoya species, completes the picture. How many shots were taken of Orchid Rock over past years but, somehow, this illustration is the way I shall best remember the scene as I get ready to plan a new (and much smaller) orchid garden here in Brisbane.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends from afar

Orchids survive in the strangest of places and sometimes the pampered greenhouse pet takes a shine to life in the great outdoors. A homecoming so to speak. One of the beautiful Laelia Cattleya crosses from tropical South America is such an orchid. Set free to grow on the log of a fallen tree on the banks of a creek in South East Queensland, it provides a glorious site. Seems quite at home among the gum trees and the Australian wildlife.

Probably infra dig according to some environmental enthusiasts, but in my books one little orchid is not going to do much harm. And the Kookaburras are laughing.

Who knows. Maybe way out there un the jungles of the Amazon some guy is planting an Aussie Dendrobium at this very moment.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lunch by the river

Enjoying a great Aussie tradition. A feed of prawns. Never better than during Easter break. Balmy autumnal weather. CityCats gliding silently by the Regatta Hotel ferry stop on the far banks of the river. Plump and pink Australian Banana prawns cooled in ice with the trimmings near at hand. Baker's rolls, spring onions, lemon wedges, unsalted butter, green capsicum and red ripe tomatoes. Quick! One shot for the records. No cooking and very little cleanup. A good white wine and tangy citrus lime juice for non-drinkers. Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Man of many hats

Max Fulcher wears many hats. Author, city born and country raised, Max was college educated, served in National Service (Royal Australian Navy) and trained in advertising (The Myer Emporium) to become a MYER director at 27 and co-owner of a successful advertising agency at thirty. He encouraged a raft of talented baby boomers in their professional start and led an experienced marketing and promotional team before setting his cap on Asia and the Pacific - travelling with camera and sketchbook creating a goodly amount of freelance material for mass print media and glossy magazines.
From his working residence in inner city Sydney, a garden he called Rangoon, MaX edited a black-and-white monthly entitled GRAPHICS in which interviews with celebrated artists, photographers, and designers revealed the how-two of successful careers to young up-and-comers in the creative business. The workshops and consultancies followed. Invitations to parties and product launches at Rangoon were hot ticket events.
Having returned to home state Queensland to grow orchids (2000 of them in a six acre garden he created in the Noosa hinterland) the author now resides in West End, overlooking the Brisbane River. MaX draws freehand on the Mac from real life orchid specimens - reinventing his previous pen-and-wash and watercolour originals as fresh works of art for today's most exciting web of communication - the internet network.
Available for interviews, creative consultancy and as a speaker at garden/boutique events he continues to encourage and educate those wanting to extend their creative skills email max@maxfulcher.com or feel free to browse the Max's orchid and travel photofiles