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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mind travel

Today is my 77th birthday and for weeks I have been wondering how to celebrate it in true Capricorn style. A few days ago, I started this illustration.

The 8.5 tonne rock was a birthday gift to myself back in 2006. A watery cascade reticulated through and over the rock that sat in a small pond – display centrepiece in the orchid igloo. Perfect setting for Dendrobium – my favourite orchid family.

Here, Dendrobium fimbriatum sits foreground, Dendrobium Gatton Sunray lower rock, and Debdrobium chrysotoxum top of rock.

A backdrop of palm frees and a bamboo overhang, supporting various Hoya species, completes the picture. How many shots were taken of Orchid Rock over past years but, somehow, this illustration is the way I shall best remember the scene as I get ready to plan a new (and much smaller) orchid garden here in Brisbane.