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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Big Mo makes a good read

A warning for spin doctors. We may not know WHO you are but we are wakening to WHAT you are up to. All thanks to The Big MO. What an informative read. Mark Roeder's new book alerts us to the overwhelming forces working inside momentum (big mo). Putting the banking fiasco to one side, The Big Mo focuses on havoc created in human affairs as we follow-the-leader like a bunch of lemmings. Momentum being the leader. Boom/bust and random reporting spring from nowhere overnight to take hold as established fact. We comply with 'popular' thinking. The author asks why is it so difficult "to dissent from the crowd even when an individual knows it is the right thing to do." Don't ask me. Go read the book. Like I said, it is an easy read and a wakeup call for all. The chapter on the environment is a real eye opener.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Songbird visits the new apartment

Our first visitor to the new apartment. Six stories up and well on the way to heaven a friendly little Australian Butcher Bird has arrived to make acquaintance. In glorious voice just on daybreak he gets to visit us around mid/late morning. Perches on the glass balcony railings to survey the Brisbane River and refuses to accept food offerings – probably a good thing. Feeding wildlife is not the right thing to do. They best fend for themselves. No doubt our little hero visits other apartments but he is such a joy to share. And that glorious voice. Regular as clockwork. Just on daylight. Rain or shine.