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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Man of many hats

Max Fulcher wears many hats. Author, city born and country raised, Max was college educated, served in National Service (Royal Australian Navy) and trained in advertising (The Myer Emporium) to become a MYER director at 27 and co-owner of a successful advertising agency at thirty. He encouraged a raft of talented baby boomers in their professional start and led an experienced marketing and promotional team before setting his cap on Asia and the Pacific - travelling with camera and sketchbook creating a goodly amount of freelance material for mass print media and glossy magazines.
From his working residence in inner city Sydney, a garden he called Rangoon, MaX edited a black-and-white monthly entitled GRAPHICS in which interviews with celebrated artists, photographers, and designers revealed the how-two of successful careers to young up-and-comers in the creative business. The workshops and consultancies followed. Invitations to parties and product launches at Rangoon were hot ticket events.
Having returned to home state Queensland to grow orchids (2000 of them in a six acre garden he created in the Noosa hinterland) the author now resides in West End, overlooking the Brisbane River. MaX draws freehand on the Mac from real life orchid specimens - reinventing his previous pen-and-wash and watercolour originals as fresh works of art for today's most exciting web of communication - the internet network.
Available for interviews, creative consultancy and as a speaker at garden/boutique events he continues to encourage and educate those wanting to extend their creative skills email max@maxfulcher.com or feel free to browse the Max's orchid and travel photofiles